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After spending a huge amount of time & money renovating and awaiting your dream home, the only thing left to do is to give your renovated place a thorough cleaning session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike the typical cleaning company, our staff are rigorously trained and we focus on customer experience and satisfaction. Our cleaning crew are compensated based on your satisfaction of their cleaning performance; a simple rating from a scale of 1 to 5. These ratings directly determines the compensation level paid to your cleaning crew. We strongly believe that customer feedback is the only factor used to determine our crew’s compensation level.

We are also the only general cleaning service provider that offers to use our own Professional cleaning solutions, so you can save the money from purchasing off-the-shelve detergents and chemicals that aren’t as effective.

Nope! Spruce Up does not charge any agency or placement fees. Our charges are transparent and you only have to pay for what we quoted you.

We are very careful and rigorous with our crew’s training. Every crew member of the Spruce Up family are carefully vetted to ensure that they are able to meet our strict service quality. Our Pay for Performance plan also ensures that they give their 100% best effort on each job. Because, they are literally compensated based on your satisfaction of their work.

General cleaning entails the wiping down and cleaning of all general surfaces; places within reach. These usually includes, vacuum, wiping, mopping and disinfecting your entire home/office.

It is also recommended that you let our Spruce crew know if you have any requests so we can also recommend appropriately the number of hours required for us to complete the job.

No! We are proud to be the first General Cleaning specialists that utilizes our own specialized cleaning solutions. All you need to provide is water for our crew to use.

All our chemicals are certified Pet and Child-safe. Spruce Up emphasizes a great deal on the overall safety and well-being of you and your family members.